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True Healing Happens
At Home

TruCare Home Health physical therapy services includes an evaluation of the patient’s level of functioning and the formulation of a therapy program in accordance with the physician’s orders.  The physical therapist treats patients to relieve pain, develop or restore function and maintain maximum performance using physical and therapeutic means.  In addition, the physical therapist provides patient instruction in the use and care of medical equipment and prosthetic devices.

 Pain Management • Weight Bearing Exercise • Proper Use of Assistive Devices • Gait Abnormalities • Body Mechanics

TruCare Home Health occupational therapists use selected rehabilitative, vocational and educational tasks to restore or enhance physical abilities.  An occupational therapist will evaluate the patient’s home living situation and develop a program for self care aimed to promote independence in daily living. Occupational therapists also teach patients and family members how to use adaptive equipment and alter homemaking techniques for patient’s convenience and safety.

Educational Skills • Promote Independence in Daily Living • Proper Usage of Adaptive Equipment (CVA, Quadraplegic)

• Home Safety Techniques • Motor Skills

TruCare speech pathologist evaluates the patient and implements a speech therapy program for the specific communication disorder of the patient. The goal of the speech therapy program is to improve and correct speech disabilities. Improve/correct speech disorders • Difficulty Eating/Swallowing • Proper Eating/Feeding Techniques